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I have always been grateful to John Fitzgerald and his team at Harmonics. They were my first client, when I started my photographic business in 2008. Since then, John has gone on to host his own tv series and written a best selling book "Future Proof Your Career" and I have continued to work with Harmonics, on various website and promotional projects. So, it was a particular pleasure to be commissioned to produce a new set of portraits for the next generation of the Harmonics website. Working with a brief from Granite Digital, I was able to photograph staff members in Limerick, along with company associates in both Limerick and Dublin.  Given the restrictions that working within strict COVID protocols presents, we had to come up with a number of creative solutions, to allow us to follow the brief. As the website will hopefully serve beyond the time that social distancing is in place, I used longer lenses to compress the distance between people, where required, as well as comb

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