...and we're back...well almost!

Here in Ireland we have moved into phase 2 of re-opening after the lockdown. Travel restrictions have been eased, so that we can now journey up to 20km from home. 

This happy announcement coincided with my father in law's birthday.

Such an occasion demanded a new portrait. So observing social distancing, kitted out with PPE and using a longer lens than normal, I was able to make quite a nice portrait, that I think, shows Kevin's unique personality. The beautiful lighting was just what was available, through the open doorway into the house.

A visiting friend captured me at work on the day.

The safety of my clients is the most important thing for me, during these uncertain times. With that in mind, all of my photo shoots for the foreseeable future will involve, social distancing, me wearing a face mask and cleaning/sanitising my photographic equipment, as well as my hands, before and after the shoot. In addition, I have created a full set of safety protocols to be maintained throughout the shoot and will carry spare masks, hand sanitiser and wipes, as well as a secure waste bin for disposal.

I hope that by creating a safe environment for both my clients and myself, we can all relax a little more during the photo shoot and concentrate on creating better, more authentic images.

I'm looking forward to getting back to work, so please contact me, if I can help you in your re-opening journey or if I can supply more information or just to have a chat.

We are definitely all in this together!


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