Portrait Photography: A Future Taoiseach?

© Noel Hillis 2020

While everybody seems to have a strong opinion about Mary Lou McDonald TD, leader of the main opposition party in Dáil Éireann (Irish parliament), nobody can deny her achievements. After she became first female leader of Sinn Fein in 2018, she led her party to win the largest number of seats in the last General Election, although they were unable to create enough party alliances to form a coalition government. After the next general election, many political commentators believe that she will be in a strong position to be elected as the first woman Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister). 

©Noel Hillis 2020

I enjoy photographing politicians from all parties and Mary-Lou McDonald is always an interesting subject. This most recent Eolas magazine photo shoot with her was no exception. 

She met with us, after a particularly intense Taoiseach’s question time in the Dail. While initially her demeanour was influenced by this, she soon relaxed and working quickly, I was able to photograph a comprehensive set of images.


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